Marketing material «Kaspersky Lab»
Marketing material
Kaspersky Lab
Web development «Megacom official website»
Web development
Megacom official website
Web service «Blazz - instagram accounts promotion»
Web service
Blazz - instagram accounts promotion
Web development and mobile application «Findout - recognition of city sights»
Web development and mobile application
Findout - recognition of city sights
Bar branding «Kasper's Zeppelin»
Bar branding
Kasper's Zeppelin
  • App development<br/>for hotel Bagtyyar
    App development
    for hotel
  • Marketing materials Kaspersky Lab
    Marketing materials
    Kaspersky Lab
  • Bar branding Kasper's Zeppelin
    Bar branding
    Kasper's Zeppelin
  • Instagram accounts promotion Blazz
    Instagram accounts promotion
  • Official website MegaCom
    Official website
  • Online marketplace Textile Federation
    Online marketplace
    Textile Federation
  • Recognition of city sights Findout
    Recognition of city sights
  • false All projects
    All projects

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With Spalmalo all your ingenious ideas will come true. There are no insignificant client’s issues for us. Every new task is a sort of a peak that we fearlessly conquer.
Our designers are experts at the current and upcoming trends. Our developers are polyglots who understand any language from just one symbol. Our project managers possess inexhaustible patience. We love our work and do everything to offer first-class products and services.